About Us

Did you know 94%of the U.S. population eats pizza or orders takeout at least once per week, according to Parade Magazine? And Time Magazine states that the average family indulges in pizza more than 35 times per year and at least 45 minutes per week!

At Team ADS, we know there is nothing more important to a business owner than reaching a broad base of potential customers. Our advertising platform is simple, powerful and affordable. Our campaigns are a surefire way to heighten visibility, attract new clientele and boost traffic flow.

For year Team ADS has specialized in target specific campaigns for sports, entertainment and hospitality industries, creating and distributing its one-of-a-kind VIP Certificates and Community Savings Books throughout the United States.

Our current and effective program, the Community Carryout Menu is the new and improved concept that supplies all businesses — both big and small — the exposure and branding they desire at a very minimal cost. This approach grants local businesses prime real estate inside the carryout menus of our Restaurant and Pizzeria partners. These full-color, glossy, magazine-style menus are distributed with each and every carryout and/or delivery order, allowing clients advertisements to get directly into people’s homes, onto their dinner tables and into their menu drawers for future use. Not to mention, the program provides our clients with “front row seating” at local sporting events and watch parties, birthday gatherings, church functions, college dorms, boardrooms, office lunch rooms and so much more.

Team ADS provides a logical means for businesses to consistently reach an extremely local target audience, while also creating the repetition necessary for an advertisement to “stick” in the human psyche.